Ifunanya Lawyer leaked video onlyf twitter, Young Lawyer Reacts To Viral Gangster

A young lawyer named Ifunanya Excel Grant has responded to a viral post she allegedly made on social media celebrating her legal career. The photos sparked controversy, especially among lawyers, showing the young lady in a provocative dress, smoking a Cuban cigar, and writing “I did it! 💃 I’ll always be proud of myself!” A gangster 🚬 Party with me 🙏”.

However, in a statement provided to TheNigeriaLawyer, Miss Ifunanya denied the above post, saying it was not hers as she was not on social media; she was not a gangster but an actress and model. The statement read: “My name is Ifunanya Excel Grant. I saw an article about me on the barristerng.com website and I would like to issue a formal disclaimer.

First, the Facebook account that displays the image is not operated by me. This account is a catfish account. According to the lawyer model, the post was the work of scammers who stole her photo and created fake accounts impersonating her.

“I am an Instagram model and many scammers have stolen pictures from my website and created fake accounts impersonating me just to scam people. I am not using Facebook or any other social media app. Say ‘I did it! I am forever proud of myself! Barristers and drug dealers, sometimes gangsters. Celebrate with me” was not written by me.

She clarified that she was not a gangster and that the photo with a Cuban cigar was for modeling and not for her bar parties. She added that she is not currently practicing law and asked the public to beware of those who try to tarnish her image.

She said: “I’m not a gangster or a drug addict or anything like that. I was summoned to my law firm on July 28, 2021. That was over a year ago. I smoke Cuban cigars (the only thing I smoke stuff) is not a photo celebrating me coming to the bar. I’m an actress and a model.

I am not currently practicing law and these images are for modeling and performance purposes only. I don’t like anything that tarnishes my career or tarnishes my image. “

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