Igli schröder video reddit leaked – full on telegram and twitter

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media showing a young woman oral sex with self-proclaimed millionaire Igli Schröder. In a short time, the censored clip went viral.

Igli Schröder entered the video several times and explained that it was made by mutual consent. But it soon became apparent that the woman next to him was under 18 when the photo was taken. It’s unclear if this is true.

Entertainer and celebrity boxer Bilalgold also weighed in on the matter. However, he didn’t speak about Igli Schroeder directly, but about a rapper who’s been around him repeatedly. This is German rapper Manuelsen.

He wrote that Manuelson took a long time to comment on the allegations about Igley. However, in a separate incident involving Sinan-G, Manuelsen severed all contact within hours.

“On my Tiktok Foryou page at the moment only see the video from Igli Schröder. He may be related to a ‘minor’. I remember Igli was on the road recently with a guy who was totally against this kind of thing. Is there anyone already Keep your distance from Igli, as they publicly distanced themselves from other people at the time, because then it’s impossible to keep it private because nothing else is worth it.

What’s the point of disconnecting today without clicking with you. Now, if you’re really against something like this, please keep public distance, or does Igli need more relevancy to talk about the public and distance yourself,” Bilalgold wrote.

He continued: “Wallah, you know it’s true. You can now try to attack me like anyone else, as long as they’re not from a big family or club, because you have to deal with your problems with the politeness you do at school. language clarification.

But no matter what you do, at the end of the day you have to look in the mirror and say the little guy is right, we are all hypocrites. My mother always said that whoever sees you steal other people’s hooks and don’t speak, that’s a quiet devil. “

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