Ignacia Sanmartin dead, Whats happened to Ignacia, is passed away

A young girl, Ignacia Sanmartin, faced life-changing surgery to remove a facial tumor that had grown so large it was impacting her ability to breathe. The benign tumor, located around her chin and cheeks, posed a severe risk to her life. Ignacia, from Villa Alemana, Chile, underwent a challenging 14-hour operation to eliminate the growth and prevent further enlargement.

The tumor, composed of numerous tiny cysts, had the potential to grow back in the future. Medical professionals will closely monitor Ignacia to address any potential reoccurrence promptly. Before the surgery, Ignacia’s mother, Danitza, shared the difficulties her daughter faced: “When she gets sick or catches a cold, she can’t breathe properly. Sometimes the tumor hurts Ignacia when it grows. This gives her earache, she has problems with balance, and it also hurts her to chew, and the base of her tongue hurts.”

The tumor, identified as a lymphangioma, resulted from malfunctioning lymph vessels in Ignacia’s neck, crucial components of the immune system. The lymph vessels had become uncontrollable, producing a tumor that continued to grow. Ignacia’s father, Jonathan, expressed concern, sharing a moment when Ignacia realized her facial difference, saying, “The other day she came to me and said, ‘Daddy, big, big.’ So as she gets older, she’s starting to realize her face is not the same as the other kids’. It worries us a lot.”

Recent surgery by maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Gonzalo Rossel aimed to remove the tumor and alleviate Ignacia’s suffering. Dr. Rossel explained that the fault in the lymph ducts led to the gradual production of a tumor with cystic origins, featuring small or large cysts that grow over time.

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