Ilaria Rimoldi leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter videos

A theme park employee claims she was “sacked” after a supervisor “stumbled upon” her indecent part-time job online.

Ilaria Rimoldi, 25, claims she was called to Gardaland Park in Italy earlier this year after her bosses spotted pictures of her raunchy on OnlyF. According to local media, Ilaria only opened her OnlyF page about a year ago because she was eking out a living on the park’s £870 monthly salary.

But in November, she made five times more thanks to her online adult content. “I don’t post nudes, I just share sexy pictures in lingerie,” the model said. Subscribing to my channel costs $10 a month.

“I made €600 the first month, but then my followers increased and I made €5,000 (£4,300) in November. At first Ilaria managed to keep her ‘second job’ a secret, But eventually it spread

“Some visitors recognized me by accident. This summer, I was called in by the amusement park director and head of human resources,” she explained. “They pointed out to me that this is a family facility and that my photos on OnlyFans didn’t match the image the park was trying to present to the outside world.

“I replied that I do what I want in my free time and they can’t stop me but if they want they can increase my salary so I can earn as much as my second job guarantees The money. Hilaria said she was not completely fired, but soon found her hours cut in half.

But the model continued to work at the park until her temporary contract expired at the end of November.

Now Ilaria is fully committed to her online OnlyF work.

Regarding the allegations that she was fired for taking photos online, Gardaland said all employees were aware of their policy.

“As part of company policy, employees are encouraged to refrain from misusing any Gardaland logo or imagery for their own digital activities that is inconsistent with the amusement park’s family mission,” a statement said.

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