Imelda Mounfield dead, wife of The Stone Roses’ Mani passed away

🕊️🎶 In Memory of Imelda Mounfield: A Tribute to Strength and Compassion 🎶🕊️

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of Imelda Mounfield, the beloved wife of The Stone Roses bassist, Mani. Imelda’s journey touched many, and her indomitable spirit has left an enduring impact on those who knew her.

Ian Brown, the lead singer of The Stone Roses, paid a poignant tribute to Imelda online, posting a heartfelt photograph of her and Mani. His words resonated with the collective grief: “RiP @imeldamounfield GOD BLESS MANI and his boys X.”

Imelda, who worked as an events agent, faced a formidable battle with stage 4 bowel cancer since her diagnosis in November 2020. Despite the challenges, she remained resilient, receiving treatment at The Christie Hospital in Manchester.

Beyond her personal struggle, Imelda and Mani became beacons of hope, raising substantial funds for local charities. In December 2022, their auction of music and culture memorabilia garnered over £100,000 for The Christie and Stockport NHS Charity. Imelda, speaking about their charitable efforts, emphasized the broader impact of cancer on families, stating, “Cancer affects not just the person who has it, but everyone around them.”

Imelda’s strength was evident in her candidness about her journey. In an interview with ITV News last year, she shared, “It was a huge shock for our family and friends because I wasn’t poorly. The doctors didn’t know how I would respond to chemo, but I responded quite well. I’ve been on quite a big journey over the last two years.”

This loss follows the passing of Pete Garner, the original bassist of The Stone Roses, earlier this month. Mani, who joined the band in 1987, played a pivotal role until their disbandment in 1996. His journey continued with Primal Scream until 2011, rejoining The Stone Roses upon their reunion.

In the midst of sorrow, a note of anticipation lingers, as Liam Gallagher teased an upcoming joint album with Stone Roses guitarist John Squire, promising it to be “the best record since ‘Revolver’” last month.

Imelda Mounfield’s legacy transcends the music world, leaving a profound impact on the fight against cancer and a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit. May her memory be a source of comfort to all those who knew and loved her. 🌹🎸 #ImeldaMounfield #RememberingImelda #StrengthInMusic

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