Imskirby leaked videos on onlyf in twitter and reddit videos

Amusement park employees are the ones we don’t necessarily notice unless something goes wrong. However, when this happens, they are the ones we rely on to solve the problem. Unfortunately, an employee at an Italian amusement park lost her job because of OnlyF because she was constantly being noticed by guests.

Ilaria Rimoldi, 25, was a former employee at the Gardaland resort in Verona, Italy, where she earned 1,000 euros a month. Since she said she was struggling to make ends meet, she opened an OnlyF account and was able to amass a small number of followers, resulting in a significant increase in her income. When she started on TikTok, her popularity skyrocketed and she now has nearly 280,000 followers.

Her popularity on social media means she is often recognized by park guests, and while she told Corriere Della Sera (via Rare) that most people recognize her from TikTok rather than OnlyF, the news is ultimately Passed back to their superiors in Gardaland.

That might not be a big deal, except that Rimoldi admitted that she made a sexy video of her in a Gardaland uniform at the request of one of her OnlyF subscribers. This appears to have ultimately led to her being asked to meet with management.

Gardaland is one of the most popular theme park destinations in Europe and home to the first theme park attractions based on the likes of Jumanji. The park is owned and operated by Merlin, the theme park company that operates various Legoland parks around the world, so the company clearly needs to maintain a family-friendly image. Apparently, the pressure she felt while making the video in overalls didn’t match the resort’s family-friendly reputation.

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