Inquisitor ghost tiktok live video leaked, face reveal on video in reddit

Call of Duty cosplayer Inquisitor Ghost has reportedly taken his own life on TikTok Live, leaving fans distraught. The Italian content creator recently faced accusations of “grooming,” which resulted in him being subjected to brutal online harassment. Now, internet users are claiming the accusations are false.

Inquisitor Ghost is best known as the Ghost role player in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video game series. He has more than 100,000 followers on the video sharing platform. Inquisitor Ghost or Inquisitore3 often uploads dances and videos of him participating in trends and “thirst traps”.

The content creator uploaded some worrying content to social media on October 9 on TikTok Live. During the live stream, the Inquisitor Ghost was seen in a dark, empty room late at night. Comments have been disabled for the live stream, so viewers can’t discuss what’s going on. Eventually, someone breaks the window of the empty room, leaving onlookers in despair.

During the panic, one person appears to be performing CPR while another person is on the phone. Someone was heard asking in Italian to “call for help.” Another unknown person said: “He was hanged there,” and asked: “Where on earth are they?”

X user (ex-Twitter) @cod_leech revealed on the social networking site that @pipersniper97 called the morgue claiming the influencer was dead.

In early October, TikTok user @aekeegs claimed on the video-sharing platform that Inquisitor Ghost was directly messaging an underage girl. Screenshots were also provided online as evidence. In some of them, the ghost says, “I love you” and “I want to marry you.” However, no context for this statement is provided online. The TikToker was probably joking.

However, @aekeegs later deleted the video that made the accusation public. Know Your Meme says they do this because they don’t believe the accusations. Unfortunately, claims of grooming spread quickly on social media and sparked online debate.

As accusations of grooming continue to circulate following the death of Inquisitor Ghost, TikToker @kosuop uploaded a video showing a conversation she had with Ghost, in which he vehemently denied the accusations. The TikToker also told fans that he was visibly in pain during the conversation. She also showed screenshots of Ghost telling her he was in his “most suicidal stage” and needed “zero stress.”

“What’s wrong with being kind? They also never told me that I made them uncomfortable in any way because it was obvious that I had no intention but to be friends and mutually beneficial. I’m pretty sure they knew.”

TikToker @kosuop told Ghost in a message that she and her online community believed in him. After Ghost was reported dead, TikToker Turkey Terminator also revealed on the platform that those claiming to be fostered by Ghost must be lying about their age, as Ghost mentioned in his bio that minors are not welcome, according to He said, DM.

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