Insomniac games leaked reddit, hackers release 1.3 million files Wolverine

insomniac games wolverine

From the iconic “Spyro the Dragon” to the vibrant and electrifying “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” Insomniac Games has taken players on unforgettable adventures. Its ability to combine captivating narratives with exceptional gameplay has won the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Insomniac’s focus on quality and originality is reflected in each of its games. Whether swinging the heights of New York as Spider-Man or exploring alien worlds in “Ratchet & Clank,” the attention to detail and passion for excellence shines through.

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The hacking group Rhysida, responsible for breaching Spider-Man 2 developer Insomniac Games on December 12, has fulfilled its threat to release the stolen data after failing to receive payment. On its darknet site, Rhysida has posted 1.67 terabytes of data comprising 1.3 million files. The leaked information includes footage and files related to Insomniac’s upcoming Wolverine game, the studio’s release schedule for the next 12 years, sensitive commercial and strategy documents, Slack screenshots, and personnel files.

According to Cyber Daily, which communicated with Rhysida via email, only 98% of the full data set was uploaded, as the remaining files had been sold. Rhysida had initially sought a ransom of at least 50 bitcoin, equivalent to $2 million, when attempting to auction the data.

This breach is a significant security incident, potentially more impactful than the Grand Theft Auto 6 hack from the previous year and with a broader scope. The leaked files, widely shared on platforms like Reddit and Imgur, contain details about the plot and cast of the upcoming Wolverine game, including gameplay and animation videos, game files, and design documents for the unreleased Marvel game. Additionally, the breach reveals extensive information about Insomniac’s future plans and the strategy of its owner, Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The disclosed documents outline the studio’s projected slate through 2035, featuring future Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank games, the launch of a new intellectual property, and the potential extension of Wolverine into an ongoing series of X-Men games. Furthermore, there are plans for a suite of online games based on Insomniac’s Marvel superhero properties, although these planning documents may be subject to change.

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