Irina Gladkaya leaked on reddit videos and photos, Black Diamond

Irina Gladkaya discovered wrestling in high school at the age of 15. Discovered by her gym teacher, she became Russian champion the following month before winning her first world title.

In 2012, she won the first A1 Open World Arm Wrestling Grand Prix of Russia2.

In July 2021, a video of her taking on 15 men in a row went viral on Youtube3 with over 3 million views.

She was nicknamed Black Diamond.

Irina’s arm wrestling career started at the age of 15. During a school game, her gym teacher noticed her abilities. Her teacher was impressed with Irina’s physical strength and athleticism and arranged for her to start professional training with a coach. During training, Irina’s skills and techniques improved very quickly, and just 4 months later, she competed and won the World Championships in Slovakia. From there, her career took off immediately and she is now considered one of the most dominant middleweight women on the world stage. Irina has been crowned world champion 13 times and has no plans to slow down.

Irina plans to stay on top and continue to enjoy the success that comes with her hard work.

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