Ishowspeed meat video leaked trending on twitter, the video viral on reddit

Popular gamer and internet personality IShowSpeed ​​went way beyond speed during his latest YouTube livestream, accidentally leaking his trash in front of thousands of viewers.

The super-famous streamer, who has 19.4 million subscribers on the platform alone, was playing Five Nights at Freddy’s when he decided to stand up for the camera and the character “Chica” appeared on the screen superior.

“Oh Chica, I miss you,” Speed ​​– real name Darren Watkins Jr. — appeared to say on air. “I’m gonna fuck you, Chica. Oh shit, that thing’s on you, baby.”

However, just as he was aroused, Speed’s cock slipped out of his shorts… and he suddenly panicked.

“My God, my God,” Speed ​​said, before appearing to cut off the broadcast.

That could be bad news for Speed ​​— YouTube has a strict policy on nudity…he could be banned from the platform depending on how the company interprets the incident.

As of this post, his account is still active…but his stream has been removed from his website.

The timing is crazy — Speed ​​had just returned to live after taking a few weeks off to treat a medical emergency involving his eye.

We reached out to Speed ​​and YouTube for comment.

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