Isssahoneey leaked onlyf, videos and photos on twitter – whats happened

Mariah Casillas, 22, a Honolulu model and resident of OnlyF, announced that she would send nude photos to anyone who donated at least $10 to Maui wildfire recovery efforts.

Popular tourist destination Hawaii has just suffered one of the deadliest wildfires in more than a century in the United States. The blaze killed at least 106 people, devastated cities and left victims homeless.

The model’s unique approach to raising money for the island has garnered 1.3 million views on X (formerly known as Twitter), where she made the bold announcement.

“Damn, I’m sending nude pics to anyone who donates at least $10 to my Maui wildfire fundraiser. I love this beautiful island so much,” the donation tweeted. “Please retweet and DM me after donating and I’ll check ;).”

The model, known on Twitter as @Lavaxgrll, launched the HELP LAHAINA NOW! GoFundMe page on August 14. Since then, she’s raised more than $7,400 in donations, meaning the raunchy do-gooder has been able to send more than 740 nude photos to her followers.

“Every $10 = 1 nude, let’s go,” she reminded her 96,000 followers in a follow-up tweet promoting the fundraiser.

Casillas told The Washington Post that it wasn’t a “gimmick” — she was actually sending money to victims in Maui.

“I just wanted to get the word out so that people don’t think it’s a stunt,” she said. “I love the island and would do anything for it. The money will not go to me and this is not an advertisement for any purpose other than fundraising.”

“Maui is a sacred, beautiful place, but something terrible is happening right now,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “They do need our help.”

Casillas hopes her role as an influencer will make a difference.

She added: “I’m just an influencer trying to get everyone on the same page, helping when needed and doing what I can.”

All proceeds will go directly to those affected by the disaster, the model added. “I assembled a team to help me distribute these funds to families, families and those who need immediate help.”

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