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Inflation was rising and the economy was in chaos. Who among us hasn’t joked about opening an OnlyFans account to boost our cash flow and support our spending habits? ! However, making serious money on this platform requires talent and dedication, which I certainly don’t have. But that certainly seems to be the case for Marston Hefner, son of playboy Hugh Hefner.

Earlier this summer, Marston told Page Six that he started an OnlyFans account to support his collecting habit. Specifically, he wanted to save up money to buy Pokémon cards and comics. His profile on the platform reads: “Bisexual A. I try my best to live my life with love.”

Well, throw a party and invite Suzy Orman, because in a recent interview with Hefner’s wife, Anna Lambropoulos, it appears that he has achieved his financial goals.

According to “Page Six”, Hefner purchased a “Disco” Holographic Shadowless Charizard Pokémon Card for $40,000 and a CGC 2 “Disco” Holographic Shadowless Blastoise Pokémon Card for $10,000. USD price and a CGC 5.0 “Amazing Fantasy 15 Spider-Man” comic was purchased for $50,000. This is $100,000 worth of geeky gear, baby! Also, I had no idea Pokémon cards would cost so much… Hefner explained that his ultimate plan is to flip the cards and comics for a profit once we emerge from the mini-recession.

While she supports his decision to join OnlyFans, Lambropoulos doesn’t seem happy with how the money is being spent. “It kills me inside,” she told Page Six. “That’s a lot of money! I think it’s a shaky investment. I think it’s stupid to spend money like this.”

Hefner said his income from OnlyFans is a way to supplement his father’s legacy and his wife’s salary as an environmental project manager.

He seems to have adopted a pretty healthy attitude towards sex work, although people are hamstrung by the fact that he’s now a father. (The couple welcomed a baby boy in July.) “People are upset about me being a sex worker and a father. “So I guess porn stars and topless people can’t be parents? ” he told Page Six. “So (parents) can watch sex workers and masturbate for them, but you can’t be a sex worker and a parent? This doesn’t make sense. “

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