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In December 2021, she completed her participation in the Telemundo Assurance Competency. As surety, Sandra Itzel said she was saying “nunca más baile a volver a bailar”. Since then, about two years later, the actress sang “Fue muy difícil para mí” in Mexican in a conversation with “People en Español”. Iser is not alone, as he performed 11 evenings while watching the children’s list, because he had to reach “very difficult emotional situations” with his own experience, Cuban actor Adrián Di Monte ) on the show as a couple, “Like I need to be with him … when I have my experience. The media will be brought around the corner.”

Just a few months ago, I received an offer from Univision to begin my final two-week portion of performances while I was performing in the prime-time Hispanic category, which represented “All Women Are Women” for this 29-year-old female artist Excellent opportunity presented. In moments where they can’t do anything good for the world”. “Love it, my voice, I know that ladies can do what they can, what they have to do and what they can do,” he commented. That’s his Clear example. “I hear Sandra Itzel, she’s coming back now and later; Sandra Itzel is a caring, never-ending fighter; a Independent Sandra Ezell…”.

In fact, I only learned more about it after the last show because it caused me so much trouble. In order to have fun in front of the gala patio and have them on the cake table before 11 gala parties, in my experience it’s hard for me to get out of emotional situations, so I have to be with them… because it’s me The Agridulce was a very satisfying experience but also a lot of surprises and the fact that the agarré on the beach was average. But until the end, just when I thought it was all over, the comrades went to Maravillosos, put on Sandra Itzel, and she came back quickly, but she didn’t need more; Sandra Itzel ) is a fighter who cares and suspends the non-evil; Sandra Izel is independent. I represent all women who have not arrived in this world at this time. My loved ones say these women managed to win them over, leave them, and leave them again.

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