Ivy Harper leaked onlyfans on twitter and reddit, Whats happened to videos and photos

French OnlyF model Live with Laurie is one of the most unique content creators. She found a way to connect with fans that many would never consider. She lets them control some of her life decisions. Laurie’s fans made her quit her job and break up with her boyfriend. They also had to decide if she should accept $1 million from a fan to leave OnlyFans. The vote was close, but ended with 56% in favor of her rejecting the proposal and continuing to create content.

Content creation has been going well for Laurie, and she continues to build a loyal following across multiple platforms. However, the relationship department has been lacking in its content game. But don’t worry, she’s found a way to keep her love life going.

The content creator designed a quiz for her fans to get her attention and hang out with her. She tweeted: “I couldn’t find my ideal boy so I took a big quiz. Good luck.” The tweet includes a link that takes you to their “big quiz” intro. There she asked, “Where are you ordinary people?” After asking the question, she got caught up in her DMs on Instagram and Tinder and neglected to engage with men at parties.

Most of the men she met wouldn’t give her time when she was younger, and she doesn’t like those types of guys now. “I couldn’t find a boy who would satisfy me or understand me. So I decided to start this crazy experiment,” she said. It’s an open invitation for the “regular folks” in their fanbase to get in touch. Unlike other choices in Laurie’s life, this one appears to be her own, as she says she will be the one to choose a possible match.

It was a bold move to open the floodgates and invite their fans to have their photo taken in quiz format. But Lowry must have gotten used to bold moves. It would be interesting if she could find a normal person who no longer lives the OnlyF lifestyle. Especially the OnlyFans mode that leaves the decision to the fans. There will be a lot of people living with Laurie by taking their quizzes. The question is how many of them are considered normal.

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