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Wednesday’s report of a shooting incident at UNLV’s campus struck a chord with students at UVM, hitting close to home for the campus community.

UVM’s Students Demand Action had planned a vigil inside the Aiken Center on campus prior to the Vegas news, intending to recognize all lives affected by gun violence in 2023. The latest national school shooting incident only reinforced the students’ call for state and federal leaders to enact stricter gun laws. Avery Hamill, a UVM sophomore and member of Students Demand Action, emphasized, “They [students] shouldn’t have to live in fear. Nobody should.”

Ellen Fisher Sanderson, another member of the student organization, had the recent memory of three Palestinian students shot near their campus on North Prospect Street last month. “People should not have to be on guard in public spaces in our city,” Fisher Sanderson commented. “They should feel safe practicing our cultures. They should feel safe to exist. They should be able to live freely.”

The news of the UNLV campus shooting weighed heavily on those attending the vigil. Jonathan “Doc” Bradley, a current UVM professor, found the news deeply personal. Having graduated from and taught at UNLV until 2021, Bradley mentioned that the shooting occurred near the building where he used to work, and he was in contact with former colleagues on Wednesday.

Expressing his concern, Bradley stated that the idea of college campuses feeling akin to war zones is inherently wrong. “I was in the military for eight years; I never felt under threat. I’m probably more under threat now as a college professor than I was in the military,” he emphasized.

State leaders, including Rep. Mary-Katherine Stone of Chittenden, addressed the vigil, expressing their commitment to fighting for the implementation of gun safety laws to prevent future gun violence. Stone acknowledged the presence of hate, racism, and Islamophobia, underscoring the need for addressing these issues and emphasizing that the tool used to express hatred, firearms, is lethal.

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