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Another day, another OnlyF scandal. This time, OF star Sara Blake Cheek revealed her story in support of co-creator and Florida mom Victoria Triece, who was disqualified from volunteering.

Earlier this year, 31-year-old Victoria ‘Snooks’ Triece announced she would be taking action against Orange County Public Schools after her OnlyF account was banned from volunteering.

In Triece’s defense, Cheek revealed how she and her family faced discrimination when her son’s school discovered an OnlyF video of herself. According to Cheek, she was forced to homeschool her 7-year-old when the school found out she was an OnlyF model and she was suspended.

“My son was even suspended from school, and when he tried to communicate with the principal, she refused to talk to me, and refused to explain why he was being abused just because I did OnlyF,” she explained to the star

Now that Victoria Triece’s story is making waves, Cheek decided to share her story and hope to end the “unfair” treatment of mothers who make a living from this content.

“When Victoria’s story came out, I messaged her because she found a lawyer who was willing to take on OnlyF’s case,” Chick said. “I was in a similar situation when I was kicked out of my kid’s football organization for being OnlyFans. They erased me from my kid’s life and let the secret out for something I did in private, humiliated me.”

Cheek added that she hopes Triece will eventually “do justice” to all moms who use OnlyF, but only time will tell if things are legal.

In recent months, a number of controversial stories have emerged involving OnlyF developers and schools. Most notably, two former teachers were banned from the platform after their school filmed content — a serious violation of the site’s acceptable use policy.

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