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U.K.-born dancer and actor Jackson Williams has played a crucial role in the Magic Mike Live Las Vegas team since the show’s inception in 2017 at the then Hard Rock Hotel. Prior to joining the Magic Mike Live cast, Williams had already shared the stage with renowned artists such as Whitney Houston and Robbie Williams. The opportunity to become part of this captivating new show in Las Vegas proved to be a pivotal career move for Williams. He remained dedicated to the show during its transition to Sahara Las Vegas and later secured a role in the third installment of Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike film franchise. Williams, a dynamic performer both on stage and screen, is poised for continued success.

Before joining the Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas, what projects were you working on?

I was on a world tour with Ellie Goulding when I received the call. I had an existing career, having danced for various artists, and I was content traveling the world. Then this opportunity came along, and I thought, why not? I packed my bags, flew to L.A., and met the team to begin rehearsals. I remember getting off the plane with just a backpack and a suitcase, thinking this might be a one or two-year endeavor. Now, it’s been nearly six years. This journey has been incredible, considering I lived out of a suitcase for so long. It’s gratifying to have a home and a family now.

Growing up in Peterborough, England, when Magic Mike Live launched its live show in London, did you consider moving back?

I had the option to move back, but I chose to stay in Vegas with the original show. When you invest so much time and effort into something, you become prouder of it than you ever anticipated. I’m grateful for the opportunity to stay, and then we had the chance to film the movie last year, which was an absolute dream come true.

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