Jaidyn Alexis onlyf leaked video, Chrisean Rock Questions Blueface

Jaidyn Alexis is making her case for Blueface, calling the rapper “her dick” despite new rumors about him. She made the bold statement in a video posted to social media in which she resonated with Blue, with the rapper claiming he’s “not going anywhere.” However, some claim Blue actually accomplished a lot. First up is Chrisean Rock, who claims she and Blue met just days before he proposed to Alexis.

Additionally, a video surfaced earlier this week showing Blueface wooing an unidentified woman. The video only shows the couple embracing, but knowing Blue’s story, it’s entirely possible there’s more to it than that. However, Alexis’ reaction shows that she’s not fazed by the accusations and rumors. However, it remains to be seen whether more will emerge from the allegations against Blue.

Meanwhile, recent criticism from Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly hasn’t gone unnoticed by blueface. The rapper responded to Stafford’s comments in a series of tweets. “Someone tell Matthew Stafford’s wife, I’ve been in L.A. longer than she and Matt have. I run this program and you guys are just here to work and make a living. When you all retire and go back to the good life , I’ll still be in L.A.” On the Rams game, I don’t care what you think. I didn’t get kicked out, there was no game left in the whole thing. No one told me anything. If I wanted to, I’d be at the next game, in the suite, doing my thing like normal… You should be glad I’m here, adding to the hype for the Rams game.

Additionally, he promised to escalate the matter if Stafford didn’t back down. “Matt, before I get rude, bring your wife, bro. Because I can talk about how you guys are losing games and what Matt can do better as a quarterback, and that’s all his wife needs to talk about is how funny I am Action, this is not going to cost us the game. Karen here, shush. If I wanted you to stay in a suite, I paid for the suite, Kelly. I can pay for that, too. Your nephew and daughter Saw worse things on Instagram while I was there. Welcome to LA.”

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