Jamaica raft video plastic bag leaked on twitter and reddit, Whats happened really

River Raft Limited, which operates rafting tours at the Martha Brae and Trelawny Jamaica Swamp Safari Village, has distanced itself from a widely circulated video, The video shows an alleged raft captain having sex with a female guest. In the clip, dubbed by some as the “Martha Bray Special”, the man can be seen trying to penetrate the woman lying on the raft.

The woman then asked for a plastic bag as “protection”. “After watching this video, I will probably never go rafting in Jamaica again…” said one Twitter user. “This is evil. You don’t even know if the other person is sick. Ole crowbait dem,” wrote another social media user.

River Raft Ltd expressed disappointment with the video and said the company had “in no way” anything to do with it. Rafting on the Martha Brae prides itself on providing exceptional service to the many clients we see every day. Our 90+ licensed raft skippers are professional and take great pride in their work,” the statement said.

“We wish to clearly distance River Raft Limited and Rafting on the Martha Brae from this shocking video.”

The company says that limestone massages are not offered on their tours and the activity is not company-sanctioned.

Some on social media claimed the raft captain sold “sexual services” to guests as part of massage packages.

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