James Goy obituary and dead, How Did Jeffrey Spaide Die?

james and lisa goy obituary

Three residents lost their lives in a tragic event that points to a murder-suicide, when a Pennsylvania man opened fire on a couple during an apparent dispute over removing snow after the winter storm in the Northeast this week.

Jeffrey Spaide, 47, shot and killed his neighbors, James Goy, 50, and Lisa Goy, 48, before taking his own life Monday, police said. The shooting in Plains Township, located about 15 miles from Scranton, appears to be the tragic outcome of a verbal dispute sparked by snow accumulating on property lines, according to surveillance footage of the incident released Thursday.

“If you leave here, I will knock you unconscious,” James Goy warned the alleged attacker, as seen in the video of the incident obtained by The New York Post.

James Goy later threatened to turn Spaide’s life into a “living hell” and called him an “idiot,” as heard on the recording.

Goy’s wife, who is holding a shovel in the images, lashed out with a flurry of insults at Spaide. “You’re the fucking idiot,” Lisa Goy yelled at him. “You don’t know how to talk to someone.”

In the images of the incident, Spaide is seen approaching Lisa Goy, who tells him “go ahead, go ahead.” Seeing her gun, her husband asks her to “put the gun down.”

Spaide then fired multiple rounds, wounding both him and his wife, ABC News reported.

“Call the police!” Lisa Goy is heard shouting and then tells Spaide: “Damn you!” Spaide later returned to his house, grabbed a second, larger rifle, and returned to shoot Lisa Goy.

“You should have kept your damn mouth shut,” he told her before pulling the trigger. Spaide then returned to his home and shot himself with a third firearm, according to authorities.

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