Jasmine Grogan leaked onlyf videos and photos on twitter

A couple who made £18,000 in their first four weeks at OnlyF say they now hope to make “at least” six figures a year. Jasmine Grogan, 19, and Macauley Murchie, 22, arrived at the vibrant site in early July after struggling to pay their bills and now have their sights set on buying a home.

The Blackburn, Lancashire-based couple are eager to leave their hometown. After sharing explicit content on the site for more than a month, Jasmine said she was overwhelmed by the sudden change in their financial situation and believed they could make “at least” six figures a year.

Partner Macaulay has since quit his job as a bricklayer and took out a mortgage on a house, the Daily Star reported.

“It’s really changed our lives, we’re financially free at such a young age, and it’s only getting better,” Jasmine said. “My goal is to make at least six figures a year. I have a lot of big plans for our future.

“Macauley used to be a bricklayer but he left because it was a lot of money for OnlyF and we’ve made over £18,000. We used to make £1,900 together and now our monthly income is Between £6,000 and £12,000.

“We didn’t expect it to do so well, but the progress has been phenomenal and we can now buy luxury goods and mortgage our homes.

“We kept wanting more money, but never actually opened an account. Then one day, we just made a decision, and it was the best decision we’ve ever made.

Jasmine Grogan, 19, and Macauley Murchie, 22, signed the raunchy in early July.​​
“We’re both from Blackburn and we’ve always wanted enough money to move. We just didn’t want to spend the rest of our lives in our hometown and move to a nice, quiet place.”

Jasmine and her boyfriend spent months creating a porn site. She said she was “a little concerned” about promoting naughty photos on her social media pages – but it certainly paid off.

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