Jason Trask obituary and dead, Midway through his sophomore year

In the midst of his sophomore year, Trask decided to leave college and enlisted in the army. He spent the majority of his service stationed in Giessen, Germany, where his primary duty involved washing Major Morgan’s coffee cup. After his discharge, Trask chose to stay in Giessen, dedicating time to studying German at the Akademisches Auslandsamt and later pursuing philosophy at Justus Liebig Universität.

Upon returning to the United States, he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy at the Columbia University School of General Studies. Subsequently, he enrolled in the graduate writing program at the City College of New York. Following the attainment of his Master’s degree, Trask worked as an adjunct English instructor at City College, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. In his final three years in New York City, he also taught in a public high school on Rikers Island.

In 1994, Trask relocated to Maine with his wife, Eliza Beghe, and their three sons. There, he taught high school English in South Paris and later became involved in an alternative education program in Norway.

Having retired in 2017, he continues to reside in western Maine, dedicating his days to writing. His novel, “I’m Not Muhammad,” was published in 2011 by Red Wheelbarrow Books, while his memoir, “The New Plantation: Lessons from Rikers Island,” was released in June 2019 by Deerbrook Editions.

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