Jay Israel dead, Whats happened – cause of death

Prophet Isah Gideon, the senior pastor of Household of Mercy and Deliverance Ministries, blasted a South African cleric named Jay Israel for alleged blackmail.

A video shared on social media portrays a South African priest as a fraud; Gideon labels him a charlatan. He hopes to achieve popularity and power by pandering to the masses.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, Isah Gideon’s spiritual father and a Senior Pastor at Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, was threatened by two Nigerian men employed by Israel.

Gideon declared war against Jay Israel Senior with his message. He stated that he would not forgive the fake and fabricated stories about his ministry that prompted him to create war. As a spiritual son of a father, he knew Jay Israel Senior’s value and wouldn’t forgive that fake war.

Prophet Gideon promised that two of the suspects involved in the blackmail scheme, who were later apprehended, would serve time in prison for their fraudulent and defaming character crimes. He called Jay Israel a fool for sending others to accomplish tasks he deemed dirty. Additionally, Gideon criticized Israel for inadvertently causing negative consequences for families with no regard for their welfare.

Gideon has encouraged followers to appreciate the good works and charity of Jeremiah Fufeyin thanks to his social media presence. He criticized Jay Israel, who publicly defamed many ministries of God by spreading lies about a man who provided hope during a COVID-19 lockdown season. In fact, Jeremiah donated billions of naira worth of food, shelters and other relief to communities outside of the Christian faith.

Recent news coverage touted the Man of God Jeremiah Fufeyin’s weekly allowances, accommodation and feeding for his church staff during the COVID-19 season. Jeremiah also paid his staff’s monthly salaries, which had gone viral thanks to an appreciation video from his church staff.

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