Jazmen Jafar linkedin leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, videos and photos

Jazmen Jafar resigned from her first job as an attorney within six months, opting instead to pursue a full-time career as an OnlyF creator.

Though earning $75,000 annually in her legal capacity, the 27-year-old managed to rake in the same amount in a single month, last February. Moreover, she earned over $180,000 in the initial three months of this year through OnlyF.

For anonymity, the OnlyF artist goes by the nom de plume Jazmen Jafar, cleverly inspired by the beloved Disney classic, “Aladdin.” Her OnlyF account boasts an impressive 2,200 video uploads and 1,200 posts. For $6.99 per month, subscribers can look forward to daily, exclusive livestreams.

Documentation confirming her true identity, prior occupation, and income has been reviewed by an Insider.

According to Jafar, her life had been shaped by her Middle Eastern parents, who charted her course. Despite passing the bar exam, Jafar was averse to a legal career and went through a job interview with little enthusiasm. Her primary motivation was to placate her family, and she secretly hoped she wouldn’t get the position.

The woman confided to Insider, “Back when my future was all charted out and a stable legal profession was in the offing, the prospect of upcoming years filled me with loathing.”

In early 2021, a content creator made her debut on OnlyF where she shared explicit photos and videos. However, she later joined a law firm in October the same year. To supplement her income, she engaged in s3x work at night, leading to her eventual resignation from the legal profession in March 2022.

She elaborated, “I worked at a law firm by day and spent my evenings filming content. Weekends were no different. It was always uncomfortable when colleagues asked about my weekend, and I had to fib that I spent it indoors relaxing, when in reality, I was recording myself performing explicit acts.”

Jafar’s daily grind at the law firm extended to ten hours per day. However, despite longer hours, she now expresses contentment with her work.

Despite her family’s shock and disapproval when she revealed her presence on OnlyF, she explains that their love for her has not wavered.

Jafar observed, “The world is evolving rapidly, and the conventional career trajectories are no longer as lucrative as they once were. Professions such as lawyers, engineers, and doctors used to guarantee financial and occupational stability. However, with the advent of the internet, a plethora of opportunities has emerged, offering limitless possibilities.”

According to the Iranian-American, relinquishing her position as a lawyer had nothing to do with finances. Instead, OnlyF represented a means of breaking free from a profession that failed to bring her contentment.

It’s a common misconception that all lawyers lead fulfilling lives, but many actually suffer in silence. Strangely enough, when I left my legal profession to explore s3x work, people thought I was insane. However, only those who idealize the legal field can’t seem to fathom my choice.

Jafar is expanding her advocacy to encompass s3x worker rights and other forms of content creation. In pursuit of this goal, she has created a YouTube channel. Drawing on her legal background, she also provides informal assistance to fellow OnlyF creators in reviewing their contracts in cases where they have an agent.

In a bid to shatter the stigma and stereotypes around s3x work, she aims to raise awareness that it’s a respectable option. To clarify, it’s not a last resort, but a first choice. Despite having a well-paying job that could have sustained her for life, she chose s3x work for the freedom and happiness it affords her.

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