Jed Walters skateboard dead and obituary, Skateboarding Legend

Jed Walters, the elusive bastard son of skateboarding legend and World Industries, has passed away. After the release of The World’s “Children of Love” in 1992, he was sure to turn pro with Daewon Song, Shiloh Greathouse and Chico Brenes.

Walters came and went, leaving skaters all over the world scratching their heads at what had happened to him throughout his career.

After Walters disappears from the skate scene, he reunites with professional graphic skateboard designer Marc McKee to reflect on what it would be like if his career model came to life.

Fast-forward to 2018, and Walters gave an in-depth interview alongside the release of the iconic skate deck model, discussing what would have happened in the long run had he agreed to it years earlier.

In 2023, the sad news of Walters’ death came. Strangelove Skateboards posted the horrific message via their official Instagram account.

Strangelove released. “It took us a minute to confirm, but we are saddened by the recent passing of Jed Walters, one of skateboarding’s biggest mysteries and a South Dakota legend. Our hearts go out to his friends, family and loved ones Condolences. Rest in peace”

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