Jena LaRose leaked onlyf on reddit, Videos and photos full

Jena LaRose, an OnlyF content creator who currently earns around £40,000 a month, says she has received thousands of mean comments on OnlyF and TikTok. The 22-year-old from Matlock said people said she had “a Baywatch body and a CSI face” and that she should “have a bag on her head”.

Despite her frail health, her earnings have paid for £7,000 breast augmentation surgery, international travel and lavish gifts for friends and family – including a PS5.

She said: “It hurts when people pick on my looks. Comments like ‘she needs a bag over her head’ are kind of bad, but you get used to it. “My haters are the reason I make £40,000 a month. If they hadn’t left these comments, I wouldn’t be as viral or as successful. “Jena LaRose used the money she earned to travel and bought herself a luxury Mercedes worth £25,000. She has also visited Mexico, Greece, Dubai, Spain and loves that she can work while traveling fact.

Despite her training as a lawyer, she realized she could make more money on adult platforms and decided to test her hypothesis after college. She credits her success on OnlyF to TikTok, saying she plays a role on her TikTok channel where hate comes from trolls who don’t understand it. Jena LaRose said: “The main thing that sets me apart in terms of my income is my TikTok. It’s more about my personality, it’s almost comedy-based.

“It’s not me, I dress up the character. People think it’s me, but I’m not, so I don’t mind. I started OnlyF to save enough money for a down payment on a house.” Growth was slow at first, but 12 Months later it started to pick up, and I’ve been doing this for almost three years. This month will be my first £40,000 month and I’m skyrocketing now and hopefully it will continue to rise next month. “

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