Jenn Krasna dead and obituary, Philadelphia PA, Charlestown Elementary Jesse Krasna

Death of Jenn Krasna – Jenn Krasna, a teacher at Charlestown Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has passed away. She died on Monday, November 28, 2022, a few days after the baby was born. On Thursday, November 29, 2022, her husband announced her death in a post that read: “When I met Jenny I was a high school student and she was a junior. Let The first thing I remember is how she lights up every room she walks in with her green eyes, blonde hair, big smile and cute little butt.”

She teaches first grade, but she’s not your average teacher. In fact, she is quite extraordinary. Many parents are lucky to have her as the teacher in their class because she is the best teacher. She is an expert at getting kids interested in school and finding ways to keep them enjoying their education. She insisted on staying at Charlestown Elementary School. She values ​​her relationships with other students and teachers. Many children see her as a role model and mentor.

It was always a pleasure to be with her, and she was adored and valued by her family and those she came into contact with. She not only brought happiness to her family, but also to her students. She was an amazing mother, a devoted wife, a loving daughter, a passionate teacher and an irreplaceable friend.

Brianna Plaxe created a GoFundMe account on behalf of the Krasna family to raise funds for the Krasna family to pay for Jenn Krasna’s memorial service and funeral. Still, giving totals at the time of writing was just $1,320, well short of the $25,000 goal.

A statement from the account read: “On November 28, 2022, Jennifer Krasner tragically passed away just days after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy, Cade. Jenn also leaves behind a 2-year-old son, Ty, who Favorite people in the world are his mother, her husband and best friend Jesse. She brings love and joy to the whole family.”

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