Jeremy Ruehlemann OTC dead and obituary, Fashion Model at Soul Artist

Jeremy Ruehlemann was a Camp Counselor and prominent Fashion Model. The 22nd of January in 2023 marked the passing of OTC camp counselor and model, Jeremy Ruehlemann. A very positive and friendly person, Jeremy helped shape years of friendships with his heart full of joy. As a result, he set the foundation for a lifetime of positive relationships.

Jeremy has been working at his stepfather’s restaurant his entire life. He only worked there for the summer before he went to college. Nevertheless, he’s learned all the ins and outs of running a restaurant since he was a kid. Jeremy believes that being able to learn quickly, communicate well, have a positive attitude and be creative are the most important skills he’s acquired throughout his life.

What led to Jeremy Ruehlemann’s passing was unconfirmed.
At the time of publication, no cause of death was reported for Jeremy Ruehlemann. He eagerly desires to train for a position that would be most beneficial to me. The loss of OTC’s beautiful soul has left the modeling and photography world in a state of shock. “He was such a kind, wonderful person,” his friend says. Seeing his hard work motivate others to success is part of what motivated him to become successful.

What was Jeremy Ruehlemann’s name?

Jeremy Ruehlemann was born in Mahwah, New Jersey, about half an hour away from the city. From 2013 to 2017, he attended Rowan University; he fell in love with psychology and the workings of the mind. However, four years into his five-year program, Jeremy decided to drop out to pursue a successful modeling career. He’s forever thankful for that decision.

In 5 years of traveling the world and modeling, Jeremy has learned more about human psychology than any class ever could. Additionally, he intended to finish his education first and foremost.

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