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A female Twitch streamer has gone viral after posting a video of a “feral” bodybuilder staring at her “like a piece of meat” during a workout.

Jessica Fernandez, a video game and lifestyle content creator with nearly 56,000 followers on Twitch and 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, posted the video to Twitter last week , which has so far received 2.6 million views. “This guy has been making me very uncomfortable in the gym,” she wrote.

“That’s why I end up crying on air [because] sometimes I’m so disgusted by the level of sexualization I’m going through. Hopefully this brings awareness to the girls who are going through this treatment at the gym.”

In the video, Fernandez lifts weights while a man in the background stares at her.

“The idiot behind me,” she whispers into the microphone. “I hate it. I hate that there are crazy people in there. Makes me uncomfortable. Wild, wild, wild, wild, fucking wild.”
“Girls like that go to the gym just to be influential and toxic. This guy did nothing wrong. She hid comments that challenged her. Really low for a guy who goes to the gym,” said one woman.

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh wrote: “I watched the entire video. The guy watched it a few times and probably wondered why she was recording herself. Then he came over and offered to help her lift weights. She refused and he said ‘oh , ok” and walked away. Over. She’s the problem here, not him.”

He added: “Ladies, if you’re wondering why you haven’t met decent men, it’s probably because they’re afraid of being publicly shamed as a predator if they glance at you. Or God forbid trying to talk to you .”

Responding to claims she was overreacting, Fernandez claimed many people viewed the video “out of context.”

“I found a squat rack area in the corner of the gym,” she wrote in a long post.

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