Jessica Lapierre dead and obituary, Massachusetts cause fo death

You gave me many wonderful memories of you. One in particular is you and your sister playing baseball and making me laugh till I hurt. Your smile was so beautiful that it made me fell that I needed to play baseball with you. And your family was the most gorgeous family I have ever seen. My sorrow is immeasurable as I miss seeing my face everyday. I don’t know how to comfort my loved ones and anyone else affected by my passing.

I have no words to describe my feelings. Not only am I a dear friend and business associate, but my mother is a part of this woman’s world as well. This is why I’m at a loss when she uproots her life like this. I felt compelled to register for Facebook in order to read this update. My emotional state is disorganized and chaotic, which is why I need you to stay with me longer than words can express. My sense that this is true drives me to fight it. Why did you have to leave so quickly? What compelled your existence? Why must I log into Facebook to view this update?

I always miss and love Jessica LaPierre. I hope you find the peace you need to wait for our reunion so I can always love and miss you. Thank you for keeping an eye out for her family when she gives birth. Despite not having many interactions with my classmate’s family via Facebook, I continued to follow their updates due to the tragic news about their relative. I offer my condolences to her loved ones and appreciate the effort they made on behalf of her family.

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