Jessica Ralston obituary and dead, News Anchor at WSYX/FOX 28 died

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Jessica Ralston obituary and dead, News Anchor at WSYX/FOX 28 died

Introducing Jessica Ralston: A dynamic and seasoned Anchor/Reporter renowned for her expertise in field anchoring and breaking news coverage. With a remarkable ability to engage audiences, Jessica stands out as an exceptionally strong writer, newsroom leader, and mentor.

Jessica Ralston obituary and dead

Her impressive career includes anchoring top-rated newscasts at several #1 stations, earning her numerous accolades, including 5 Emmy Awards and 36 Broadcaster’s and AP awards. Jessica Ralston is a seasoned professional dedicated to delivering high-quality journalism and setting the standard for excellence in the news industry.

Jessica Ralston obituary

Columbus resident Asha Miller refers to herself as a breast cancer veteran, having navigated years of challenging battles and ultimately triumphing over this devastating disease. With a fervent commitment to breaking down barriers, Asha, especially mindful of women of color, strives daily to create meaningful change that transcends generations.

Six years ago, Asha, a joyful, healthy, and active mother of two, discovered a small lump under her arm. Initially thinking it was inconsequential, she opted to have it examined for assurance. The subsequent diagnosis, however, revealed Stage 3B breast cancer with significant spread.

“It had reached my lymph nodes and pressed against my chest wall, calcified, and it was just devastating,” she recalled.

Jessica Ralston dead

In the ensuing years, Asha underwent a series of painful surgeries, including a double mastectomy, endured chemotherapy-induced hair loss, and suffered third-degree burns from radiation treatments.

“The mental aspect of cancer is often overlooked. It’s this bone-weary exhaustion, affecting body, mind, and spirit,” she expressed.

Just when she believed the worst was behind her, Asha faced another challenge. Her reconstructive implants were recalled, necessitating their removal.

“That was the most devastating because they said we’re going to have to take those out. And you will have to heal flat. And not flat closure but a deflated chest,” she shared.

The journey was arduous, harrowing, and heart-wrenching.

“For me, it was a matter of learning to love myself when I look so different,” Asha reflected.

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