Jezebel njoro wa uba death video, How will we manage without Jezebel on Njoro wa Uba?

How will we manage without Jezebel on Njoro wa Uba?

In a poll conducted from Saturday, December 18 to December 21, the character Jezebel, also known as Shosh, outshone some of the most renowned actresses, including Jackie Matubia, Eve D’Souza, and Celestine Gachuhi, who all play leading roles in various Kenyan TV shows. Fans praised Jezebel for her portrayal of the mother-in-law character in Njoro Wa Uba, describing her as a hilarious character. However, many clarified that while they enjoy her onscreen presence, they wouldn’t want such a mother-in-law in real life.

Jezebel emerged as the winner, capturing the hearts of the audience with her comedic performance. Jackie closely followed, earning recognition for her acting skills and authenticity.

In a recent revelation, Wambui, the celebrated actress behind Jezebel, candidly discussed the reasons her marriage with her child’s father did not work out. She shared that she got into the union at a young age, meeting and falling in love with a man when she was only 19. Together, they welcomed a baby boy. However, Wambui noticed challenges in her partner’s excessive alcohol consumption, leading to violent behavior. The significant age gap and his treating her like a child further strained the relationship.

“He’s so Handsome,” the actress commented in an interview with Monica Kagoni of Metha ya Kagoni, revealing that she lost count of the times she left her marriage due to frequent fights. As a single mom, Wambui shifted her focus to raising her son independently.

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