Jing Tian leaked video scandal, Table Tennis Player Zhang Jike on reddit

Chinese actress Jing Tian allegedly believed the wrong people. In 2018, Jing Tian made public her love affair with Olympic table tennis champion Zhang Jike. Although the two seemed very happy together, in June a year later, the two announced their split.

Many thought it was the end of their relationship. Recently, however, there have been allegations that Ji Ke was insisting on filming some of Jing Tian’s pornographic videos. Unfortunately, he reportedly decided to use them to his own advantage and pay off some of the debts he incurred.

Earlier this month, Weibo user Li Weiao claimed that he had confirmed that Jike Jingtian had shared private videos with others. The user allegedly saw the evidence with his own eyes using some of the court material he obtained. He explained: “The court materials show that three private videos of Jing Tian were leaked to the world, as well as (one) a screenshot of the video.” According to reports, Ji Ke admitted to showing some of the videos to others, including his creditors.

The creditor then allegedly decided to use the films to make money for himself. He is said to have shown Jing Tian the movie and extorted money from her. Creditors initially demanded 22 million yuan (approximately RM14 million), before reducing the amount to 17 million yuan (approximately RM10 million). The actress then called the police because of her creditors, who were jailed for seven years and fined 50,000 yuan (about RM32,000).

But Jake didn’t walk away unscathed. “A few years ago, Jike was (also) sued by his creditors (and his family). After prosecution and arbitration, Jike repaid his creditors (and his family) more than 1 million yuan (about RM640,000). But very The promissory note issued by the customer is about 5 million yuan (approximately RM3.2 million), and the promissory note is still in the hands of the creditor (and his family), “the user continued.

Since then, netizens have expressed solidarity with Jing Tian, ​​and many expressed concern about her situation. Some also shared the possibility of Jike being sued. However, Jake reportedly denied the rumors. According to reports, Ji Ke and his studio have stated that “Ji Ke has no debt disputes, nor has he compromised the privacy of others in order to protect himself.” They also claimed that the rumors were fabricated.

Since then, neither Jike nor Jing Tian has commented on the matter. However, the situation for Jiko is not optimistic at the moment. Several brands have severed ties with him, according to Chinese media reports.