John Mulaney leaked on reddit, apparently cheated on his wife – Photos leaked on twitter?

John Mulaney’s ‘From Scratch’ tour began with a live performance at the Bryce Jordan Center on Sunday, September 25. During the show, Mulaney frequently made references to his six-month stay at a rehab facility due to his struggle with drug addiction.

The BJC theatre had screens hanging overhead with rules for the audience to follow during the show. One rule was that no one was to use cameras, cellphones, recording devices, texting or tweeting during the performance. In order to enforce this rule, audience members were required to place their mobile devices in lockboxes prior to entering the venue. These lockboxes were unlocked once attendees left the theater for the night.

Comedian Seaton Smith opened the show with a jab at the first-row audience members being rich. He continued this line of humor by mentioning golf courses and country clubs as topics of conversation— insinuating wealthy attendees. Smith finished his opening bit with a closing line surrounding his childhood in the 1980s. He asked attendees what their parents did to punish them, insinuating wealthy attendees again.

Smith invited a comedian named Dan Levy on stage. However, he urged the audience not to mix him up with the famous actor who plays David Rose in the CBC show Schitt’s Creek. Dan Levy ushered a self-described “bar mitzvah DJ energy” vibe to the stage. Many of his jokes involved humor related to his three children. One such joke was about his middle daughter and her fondness for Claire’s— a children’s boutique. He joked that when he shopped there, he knew he was purchasing future junk.

While discussing his work on the 2022 spin-off series of the hit TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” Levy revealed the end of the series to the audience. The rendition garnered loud cheering and laughter from attendees, who were entertained by his reveal. It was announced that DJ Pauly D would be hosting an event at Champs Downtown on October 20th.

As he walked on stage, John Mulaney received cheers from the audience that indicated their enthusiasm for his performance. However, he quickly joked about the unimpressive nature of his entrance. An insinuation was made about his past drug use that seemed to cause cold shivers in the crowd, which one student stated was because they were such a big fan of his work. They had watched all of his shows on Netflix.

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