John Sandoval Colorado Dateline murder and obituary, Who Killed He?

Tina Sandoval dead

The NBCS “Dateline: The Devil looked at it” In October 1995, a 23 -year -old nurse Tina Sandoval murdered in the corpse of Weld County, Colorado Buthical in Colorado, combining individuals and crimes. The corpse discovered the body after March 2017. Who killed Tina, how did detectives solve the murder? Let’s find the answer.

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How does Tina Sandoval die?

Kristina “Tina” Marie Tournai Sandoval) was born on March 17, 1972 in Windsor, Colorado. She also played a trumpet in the band and sang in the choir. She is the second child of nine children of her parents and grew up on her brothers and sisters. Therefore, this is to take care of others. After graduation, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing degrees at the Aims Community College.

While studying at university, she met John Sandoval, who hopes to become a radiological technician. Tina obtained her bachelor’s degree at the nursing work of the University of Koshoro (UNC) at the North Colorado Medical Center at the State of North Colorado. After graduating from the top 5 % of the nursing class from UNC in May 1995, she began to work in the oncology department of the North Colorado Medical Center. During the hospital training, Tina’s assessment teacher said she was an extraordinary care student.

However, she and Professor John had their relationship, and married on the Colorado Mountains on December 31, 1991. However, the marriage did not last for a long time, and Tina applied for divorce within two years after the wedding. She had to drive to live, and hoped that the divorce would end soon. She moved into a new apartment and went out again. On October 19, 1995, Tina stayed at the North Colorado Medical Center at the North Colorado Medical Center at 7:00 am at 7:00 am.

According to her sister Susan Tournai, Tina planned to meet with John after class. She needed him to sign some documents to pay the IRS debt parallel, so that the divorce could be completed. In view of her history and the continuous demands of John’s no longer divorce, Tina is worried about meeting him. She asked Susan to accompany her, but because she had some jobs, her sister could not retain her demand. Therefore, a anxious Susan asked her sister to call her immediately after the meeting, letting her know what was.

After not receiving Tina’s voice, their anxiety increased with a few hours of the plan meeting. Because Susan was still working, she immediately called her mother to find Tina. Mary went to her daughter’s apartment, but found that Tina was not there. Mary was worried about his health and went to John’s residence, where he lived with his aunt. Mary John did not tell her aunt at home. However, Mary saw Tina’s coat in the kitchen and contacted the police to submit a report on the missing person.

On March 31, 2017, the authorities were taken to Tina’s body. She was buried in the grave of Arthur Hert, a veteran of the Second World War of the Greyli Sunda Memorial Cemetery. His grave was one of the three graves excavated, and it was still open on the day when Tina disappeared. The remains of Tina were found in a down -covered down of the tarpaulin and sealed with a 21 -inch tape under the Arthur grave floor. Although the cause of death cannot be determined, it is assumed that it is shot.

Who killed Tina Santodovar?

After the official received Mary’s complaint, the officials went to Tina’s apartment and saw everything in well. No evidence showed a rest, a battle or other bad games. They found Tina’s nurse uniforms and suggested that she return home to change clothes and then leave. However, they found that their cars were missing and began to look for it in normal places. Law enforcement officers found the car at 3:00 am on October 20, about four blocks from John’s family.

Investigators brought a K-9 unit, and the dog along the nearby residence along the car’s driver’s seat along John’s Residence. Because Tina’s family also complained about him, he was the main suspect that he allegedly disappeared by the missing nurse. After discovering that he had been harassed by a criminal and was harassed and theft, her doubts were further strengthened and questioned by law enforcement authorities.

When the police arrived in John’s house, the former criminal jumped out of his bedroom window, trying to escape from officials in uniforms. However, he was arrested and investigators observed suspicious fresh scratches on the upper body and neck. He was arrested for an unrelated investigation. Since Tina’s missing inspection is at the emerging stage, detective has nothing to do with him. At the same time, another officer of John’s residence searched for clues or potential customers.

The officer discovered a white 5 gallon bucket and a new shovel, and there was mud on the spa. They also found that his car was equipped with a 9mm gun, rope and flashlight. However, John refused to talk to investigators or cooperate with them. According to the show, John was said to have a disease called voyeur, and he persecuted unknown women. When the police repeatedly arrived at the door of their house and asked him such incidents, Tina was excited and decided to divorce him in the summer of 1995.

The officers searched several locations to find Tina, including reservoirs and forests. They also searched the cemetery of John’s work, including several graves. However, the authorities could not find Tina’s body and had to release it. The case felt cold, and the judge discovered sufficient evidence and announced that he died in December 2001. Colorado issued a certificate of death of Tina’s death in 2002.

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