John Schneider wife dead, Alicia Allain passed away by cancer

Alicia Allain is a name you’ve probably heard: John Schneider’s wife. Plus, this woman is so much more than being the wife of a singer and actress. So what is there to know about this woman?

Alicia is 4’11” (150cm) tall and is considered short. But that doesn’t mean she’s missing in any way, not at all! At 53 (at the time of writing), this woman can take a beating – in addition to being CEO of Maven Entertainment, she has also been her husband’s personal and professional manager and his production partner.

Talk about creative talent! Her IMDB profile contains a list of movies in which she is credited as an actress, producer, makeup artist, or a combination of all three. She was also confirmed as the second assistant director of a film.

Alicia is also known for starring in three films: Cage Fear (1991), Leather Jacket (also 1991) and Badge (2002).

Alicia was previously married to Patrick Dollard and they were together from 1994-1999. Little is known about their marriage, let alone their divorce. At the time of their marriage, Alicia was working as an independent production manager, while Patrick was working as a film literary agent at the William Morris Company, representing Steven Soderbergh. There is no official confirmation of the reasons for their divorce, but a March 2007 Vanity Fair article on Dollard noted that he was fired by William Morris in the mid-90s for chronic absenteeism due to alcohol and drug use.

John Schneider and Alicia Allain during John’s ugly court battle with ex-wife Elvira “Elly” Castle acquaintance. They began a four-year romantic relationship and married informally “in the presence of God” in 2019, the year John and Ellie’s divorce drew to a close. Less than two weeks before his divorce was finalized, the pair headed to a Louisiana courthouse to obtain a marriage license.

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