John Wolf, global art advisor based in Los Angeles

John Wolf Advisory was established in 2009 to help individuals and companies create outstanding art collections. Demystifying the art world for private clients and educating them on all aspects of the art market is essential. By fostering an environment of trust built on authenticity and genuine care, JWA is able to match clients with the right artwork and build collections that are believed to have been acquired for decades. A full-service art consultancy, John Wolf and his staff also advise the interior design industry and serve as curators in the not-for-profit sector.

John Wolf is a global art advisor based in Los Angeles. He founded John Wolf Art Advisory & Brokerage in 2009 to support private collectors, institutions and companies in creating outstanding contemporary art collections. He excels at spending extra time demystifying and educating clients on all aspects of the art market. In addition to traditional art consulting and brokerage, Wolf advises the interior design industry and curates exhibitions. He has spoken at symposiums at Art Miami and Art Silicon Valley, exhibited at 4619 in Los Angeles, and serves on the LACMA committee. He earned a BA in International Business and Art History from Baylor University.

You should buy art because you love it. That’s great. It awakens passion. It inspires generations to peak performance, inspires the world to evolve, and inspires change in thought. At the heart of the collection is passion, intellectual curiosity and respect for the work of art. In addition to that, it can bring huge financial rewards. But to collect value with long-term value, advice is essential: navigating the nuances and vagaries of the art market requires persistence in strategy and a deep knowledge of the field.

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