Jonathan Cruz dead and obituary, Suicide or murder? NBC ‘Dateline’ Spotlight

LOS ANGELES, CA: The latest episode of NBC’s “Dateline” tells the story of Jonathan Cruz. Cruz, 27, an emergency room supervisor in Coppell, Texas, was found dead in his bed with gunshot wounds. Although his girlfriend at the scene said he committed suicide, his family said she shot him because she was jealous.

At around 11:30 p.m. on February 2, 2014, Cruz’s girlfriend Kelly called 911 and said her boyfriend shot himself to express his love, but his mother did not believe it. “I knew it didn’t make sense,” said his mother, Pam Cruise. “He didn’t do that. I know he didn’t. What the hell happened during Jonathan’s murder trial?

After a night of TV and a trip to China, Kelly later admitted to police that she and Jonathan Cruz had gotten into a fight over another woman. She told police he was in bed and she was at the foot of the bed when he ordered her to cover her ears. He said he then opened fire.

However, according to Cruise’s friends and family, he never mentioned suicide. On February 2, 2014, police began treating Cruz’s death as a homicide because his family did not believe it was a suicide.

Now, three years later, they say there is not enough evidence to confirm what happened. According to the autopsy report, the 27-year-old man’s cause of death is unknown. The family believes they know what happened and has sought help in civil court.

Jonathan Cruise’s parents, John and Pamela Cruise, after his ex-girlfriend Brenda Kelly was found guilty in George Allen Civil Court in Dallas on Friday And their lawyer Thomas Shaw (centre) attended the prayers. . 23, 2022. 2014, (Shafqat Anwar / Photographer)

Cruz’s lawsuit accuses Kelly of murdering Cruz and making up the story of his suicide. It refers to Kelly’s contradictory statements to his friend. One friend said Kelly told her Cruz shot himself in the head, while another said he shot himself in the chest.

After about two and a half hours of deliberation, a civil jury ruled Cruz’s death not a suicide and awarded his family $206 million in damages, in a unanimous verdict. The plaintiff’s burden of proof in civil proceedings is significantly lower than that of the prosecutor in criminal proceedings. The jury found there was more than a 50 percent chance, or “very likely,” that Kelly killed Cruz. There is enough evidence to convict Kelly.

Retired Houston police officer Darrell Robertson testified on behalf of the Cruz family. He said he had to twist his body so that Cruz’s wound was on the left side of his chest. Cruise went to the doctor two days ago with pain in his right shoulder, backing up his point. Robertson pointed out that Cruz had to endure shoulder pain to point the gun where he was shot, which “contradicts common sense.” Robertson also noticed gunshot fragments found on Kelly’s palm, the back of her hand and on her sweater.

Kelly, Shaw’s attorney for Cruz, argued that Kelly was outraged by the women the groups interacted with. He was especially saddened to see Cruise’s close friend, Emily Ramsey, cuddled at a dinner they had together two months before her death. Ramsey was dating Cruise’s longtime friend Jacob Bramsey, and Cruise invited Kelly to dinner with her. On the night he was shot, Cruise texted his sister to end his relationship with Kelly. Just before midnight, Cruise texted Ramsay, “I want to die.” Ramsay said he believed Kelly sent the message.

A neighbor said he heard gunshots 30 minutes before Kelly came to his door and asked for the address of the apartment complex. Since Cruise had recently moved into the apartment, Kelly was unable to provide space for the 911 driver. To find her, the operator suggested that she ask a neighbor for the address of the apartment building. Shah, the group’s lawyer, said he deliberately delayed seeking help.

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