Jordan Mooney dead, How important is Jordan Mooney to the Sex Pistols?

The iconic figure of the punk movement is played by Maisie Williams in the Star+ exclusive series Pistols.

The debut of the Pistol series broke everything on Star+. This production tells the story of how a group of boys from working class England got together and created the Sex Pistols. And, out of this, they started a real cultural revolution known as the punk movement.

In addition to the band members, however, there is another figure who is central to this rebellious orgy: Jordan Mooney, played by actress Maisie Williams in “Pistols.”

Who is Jordan Mooney?

Her real name was Pamela Rooke, but at a young age she was already making waves in the small town of Seaford on England’s East Sussex coast. At 19, he defies all eyes in his rubber suits, see-through skirts, bleached hair and bold makeup. Jordan Mooney became the face of a still unknown movement. At the time, he was working at the famous Sex boutique alongside Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren.

More than just a salesperson, Ella Jordan embodies the place’s subversive and outrageous style, selling vinyl and leather clothing, fetish items, provocatively printed T-shirts and more.

If Westwood and McLaren would later be recognized as the godfathers of punk, Jordan Mooney is credited as the movement’s first punk. Jordan Mooney passed away on April 3, 2022 at the age of 66. Mooney soon joined the Pistols when the boy band moved to a sex shop as a hangout. She appears frequently in the show.

Jordan was also responsible for creating chaos in the band’s performances on stage. Whether it’s her rebellious attitude, like showing off her breasts, or her provocative outfits, in order to attract the public’s attention.

The British “Guardian” claimed that Jordan added the word “sex” to the Sex Pistols. Filmmaker Derek Jarman described her as an “original pistol”.

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