Jordyn Woodruff leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, videos and photos

A popular TikTok star and entertainment reporter who gained her following by reacting to events in the community. Her videos focus on YouTubers and popular social media accounts, and have garnered 43 million likes on her jordynwoodknow account. Jordynwoodknow frequently uses a green screen effect to draw attention to her latest reaction news story.

In June 2019, she made her first TikTok video about Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio and the Hype House.

Amy Song has a section on her Instagram account called “RealiTEA” that features highlight photos of drama between influencers. She shares drama photos from her TikTok account and other platforms like Surfing and Skydiving. Song has over 30,000 followers on that platform.

She posts photos and videos on Instagram of her time with her mother Tracy Woodruff. She shares photos from OneRepublic and Zac Brown Band concerts. She’s shared videos discussing Jake Paul and his notable fights, as well as the statement released by TikTok in response to the event they called TikTok Vs. YouTube.

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