Josh Guimond found dead on reddit? What happened to Josh Guimond?

A third season of Unsolved Mysteries has been released to Netflix. The series revisits cases of paranormal activity, disappearances and murders that have gone cold. The first three episodes released last week were followed by the next three this week. One particular case left unanswered is that of Josh Guimond.

Josh disappeared nearly 20 years ago on November 9, 2002. He was a 20-year-old college student at the time of his disappearance. At 11:45 PM, Josh left a party with one of his friends, but he never returned home after three minutes. Over the last two decades, Josh’s family and friends have continued searching for him. In 2019, a podcast was released about his case.

Recent developments in Josh’s case remain ongoing and appear in Unsolved Mysteries. Look up all the information about Josh Guimond’s case in the file below.

Who was Josh Guimond?

Before going missing, 20-year-old Josh Guimond was a student at St John’s University in Minnesota. He was involved with Katie Benson, but they had ended their relationship several months prior to when he went missing.

High school classmates Josh and Katie met after having been voted most likely to succeed by the entire class. Before entering college, he was interested in becoming a politician and attorney through his involvement with the university. He was also a member of the pre-law society.

Who was Josh Guimond anyway?

Josh played poker in a dorm room at a friend’s party on November 9, 2002. When Josh left the party at around 11:45pm, he should have walked home in only three minutes. However, he never arrived home, and has not been seen since. There was no activity on his credit cards when he went missing. And he didn’t have his glasses or car keys when he vanished.

When Josh failed to attend a pre-law society meeting the following day, his friends reported him missing to campus security. Police led search efforts with sniffer dogs. Josh’s hiding place was sought far and wide on campus.

Numerous theories surround the disappearance of Josh Guimond. One claims that he died in the school’s Stumpf Lake after getting accidentally submerged. However, efforts to find his body in the lake have failed despite extensive searches.

During the months that Josh was missing, several other young college men were allegedly abducted. In an interview with MPR News, podcast host Josh Newville shared that his family gave him permission to investigate his disappearance. According to Newville, he learned that a series of male college students were stalked and attacked in the same time period as Josh’s disappearance.

After collecting evidence from his Yahoo account, law enforcement concluded that Josh had been in talk with men on dating forums and chatrooms. It was also suggested that he’d arranged an offline meeting with at least one of the men.

Music was playing on the computer of missing teenager Josh Newville between the hours of 11:52 PM and 12:32 AM. Several songs were skipped, indicating someone was physically playing the music.

Stearns County Sheriff’s Office detectives recently released photographs of 28 male suspects they investigated after finding evidence connecting to the case on their computers.

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