Joshua Isaiah Cameron dead or still alive? – Lil cam 5th ward death? Takeoff killer dead?

When the Migos member Takeoff died, many people wondered who killed him and what circumstances led to his death. On Twitter this morning, internet detectives discovered the alleged shooter named Joshua Isaiah Cameron. He was murdered in the 5th Ward near Houston, Texas. Below is a video where Wack 100 breaks down the entire situation.

Lil Cam was a young man who grew up in a small community in South Carolina. Some reports state that he died from a gunshot wound in Houston, Texas on Friday.

A popular video featuring Lil Cam includes him passing away shortly after a Migos artist Takeoff died at Houston’s bowling alley. Before the shooting, I saw him standing next to Takeoff in a video. He wore a hoodie and orange or yellow helmet in it.

In Houston, the Migos member Lil Cam was killed by an alleged killer associated with Takeoff. The Houston Police Department has not released any statements confirming that the killer was one of the two involved in the crime.

A shooting in the 1200 block of Polk street in downtown Houston killed Takeoff. At least a dozen police departments responded to the scene. Two people injured in the incident had multiple gunshot wounds administered to them by police.

When the two patients arrived at the hospital, one had died and another was in very poor health.

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