Jovi Pena leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, TikToker calls out Kai Cenat

A woman who claims she was raped at a party by a man she didn’t know says she called Twitch streamer Kai Cenat after he allegedly invited her to the party and then dodged her questions.

Jovi Pena, a popular TikToker with more than 120,000 followers, went public with the allegations on Jan. 6, saying: “I’ve asked for help, but to no avail, so I decided to post it on social media.” The attacker, identified as “Djigui Seck,” said he was a “complete stranger” to her at the time of the alleged Jan. 1 attack.

Pena said she had been invited to the party by Kai Cenat, and when she told him she had decided to go, Kai instead suggested that she sleep in a room upstairs. “He told me I’d be safer upstairs because I’d be drunk and no one would bother me,” Pena said. “But after I fell asleep, I thought I was safe because they were comfort, Kay’s comfort.”

After the alleged rape, Pena said she “called me to invite my friend, but I didn’t get an answer and the rapist told me he left, which I later found out was a lie.”

Pena also shared text messages on her phone between her and a man named Kai Cenat outlining what happened and sending pictures of Kai Cenat and the man who accused her of raping them together, claiming they were friends.

Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest on esports, gaming and more. “I sent him a photo of this guy and didn’t get a response until I had solid proof that they knew each other, and even then I wasn’t told the name,” Pena said in the caption. In a follow-up tweet, Pena shared a photo of a rape kit and explained that she had one done.

“I don’t think Kay is the culprit,” she continued, “but he was involved, whether you agree with it or not, that’s just a fact. He was the only person I knew at that party, and he made me go upstairs to make it happen A place for it all.” At the time of writing, Kai Cenat has not publicly responded to Jovi Pena’s post. We will update this post with any developments.

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