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Famous fashion designer, Datuk Jovian Mandagie, announced his separation from his wife, Nina Ismail Sabri, through the Instagram platform. The couple decided to divorce amicably last August after ten years of marriage. In his statement, Jovian stated that their marriage which transformed into a lifelong friendship has finally reached its end point.

Although acknowledging the uniqueness of the marriage that was created for life, they both felt that ending the marriage bond was the best decision. They realize that as friends and parents to their daughter, Jeanelle, they still share a mutual love and responsibility. This decision was taken with full conscience and agreement, with Jeanelle’s happiness being the main priority.

Jovian expressed his gratitude to all who provided support and prayers, and emphasized that his love for his parents and family remains unchanged. Despite being separated as a married couple, they ensure that the harmony in their role as parents continues to be maintained.

In facing a new chapter in life, Jovian is overwhelmed by the support received from their loyal followers on social media. He insisted that, while this news may come as a shock, they are both doing well and grateful for the life journey they have been on together for nearly a decade.

Jovian closed his statement by thanking them once again for the prayers and support, and hoping that the support will continue to accompany their steps in this new chapter of life.

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