Julian Zietlow leaked onlyf twitter, Liebe Follower, Freunde & Influencer

He has (has) the things that others only dream of in life: his own business (protein powder and dietary supplement brand Loca Nutrition), a loving wife, mother and two children. Obviously, Julian Zietlow (38) was not happy. The fitness influencer has been making waves lately with drug rumors and negative headlines for joining a cult.

Photos and videos then surfaced on his Instagram, where you can also see the family man hugging and making out with another woman. Now he has tattooed the kiss of the new flame. How does that feel for his ex-partner and still-wife Alina Schulte im Hoff (36)?

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The well-trained personal trainer is best known in the German fitness industry for his training instructions “10-Week Program” and “Number Zero”. Julian Zietlow was 18 when he lived in Hough with his wife Alina Schulte, who both worked as fitness influencers and co-founded the dietary supplement brand Rocka Nutrition with him. The two hit it off in 2015. Two more children followed and everything seemed perfect. The 38-year-old has spent months on his social media – and the media channel has heard nothing.

But then the headlines really hit it. In Thailand, where he still lives, he is said to have joined a cult-like cult that believed in extraterrestrial life and used drugs to get “high excitement,” which translates to “highest excitement/excitement.” Business Insider, Bild and Blick reported on the affair.

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