Jully Rose onlyf leaked, on reddit and twitter photos and videos Juliana Vieira

Juliana Vieira is one of the new competitors to enter the house of Big Brother.

The Big Brother gala on Sunday, October 2nd revealed the identities of the new contestants, who will join the team that was introduced at the premiere of the new issue on September 11th.

Juliana Vieira, 25, from Fátima, is one of the new residents of the heavily guarded house in the country. “He recently graduated in Art and Design and has done some work in the field and also produced ‘sexy’ content for some online platforms. The family knows what she does and Juliana considers herself a determined woman, she knows what she wants. a strong character says she has a good sense of humor. He always likes to give his opinion and at home he believes that he will be a competitor that will not go unnoticed”, concludes the production of the social network.

Juliana Vieira is one of the new competitors of “Big Brother” and is on tour. The young woman is known throughout the country as a creator of sexy content on the internet, and some images have already started to circulate.

The young woman who entered the house last Sunday is best known on the website where she shows her body as Jully Rose, who is from Fátima and has a degree in art and design. To earn extra money, Juliana Vieira, 25, sells intimate photos on a bold content site. The photos have been circulating on social media, namely on WhatsApp.

Her most famous website is “Onlyfans” where she sells pictures of her private parts. It costs 25 euros per month on the platform and offers two more different packages: 3 months worth 61 euros and 6 months for around 99 euros.

Scroll through the photo gallery and see photos of Juliana Vieira.

According to Jully Rose, the family knows what they do to earn money. The “Big Brother” contestant still sees herself as a woman with a heart that “knows what she wants.”

“She has a strong character and says she has a great sense of humor. The flaws she points out are distraction, forgetfulness and clutter”, can be read in Jully Rose’s introductory text. The new candidate for the most talked about house in the country says that she always likes to give her opinion, believing that the house “does not go unnoticed”.

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