K4 Mora video twitter leaked, Instagram video sparks widespread outrage

Instagram user @K4 Mora recently shared a highly inappropriate video related to her story, which angered netizens and called for police action. However, on Saturday, June 24, 2023, a middle school student’s IG account was hacked to slander her ex-girlfriend.

The user stepped up his actions after the offensive video was heavily criticized by netizens. She even started sharing messages revealing the name of the middle school she attended, her phone number, and information about her mother.

On Saturday, TikTok user Kimora @rackedupmora (now deleted) shared a video explaining that the Instagram account @K4mora was “trying to impersonate her”.

The middle school student added that she was doxxed by the alleged perpetrator, former friend Shenelly Parks, and refused to delete the IG account when asked. she says:

“Okay, let’s be clear, this account should be K4 More, okay. Well, it’s not me who posts stuff there. It’s clear to everyone.”

User @kthuggnn shared a photo of Kimora’s original TikTok on his Instagram account. Embarrassed netizens expressed their horror and outrage over the video as the story progressed. Needless to say, when the video first went viral, netizens were shocked and outraged. They are asking the police to reprimand and arrest user @K4 Mora. Here are some reactions on Twitter:

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