Kamal Aboki dead and obituary, Whats happened death

Innalillahi wa inailaihi raju’un, O Allah, we ask you to have mercy on your servant Kamal Aboki. Indeed, we have lost a lot, our people are asking you to include him in your prayers. May God rest in peace Amen.

Months after her dream of becoming a presidential candidate was dashed, Kamala Harris now has another chance to run under the umbrella of the Democratic Party.

Last year, the senator from California made a bold move to the front of a field of candidates and delivered a powerful performance during a debate – and a sharp criticism of her rival Joe Biden on the issue of race.

But by the end of 2019, her election campaign had come to a screeching halt.

Now, with Mr. Biden, who is considered to be the candidate of the Dimokrat party, the 55-year-old woman will travel together as a deputy to the presidential candidate.

Let’s take a look at the life of Kamala Harris, as she faced various challenges on her way to the White House.

What about Kamala Harris?

The Democrat was born in Oakland, California, to immigrant parents: her mother was born in India, and her father was born in Jamaica.

After Mutwar Aulen her parents, Sai Babarta Wada Hindu Se Kuma Wawararya Khan Shaanin Kutal Kantha, Maihutskar Tabbatal And Yansing Jamaa She Carried Kamala Harris.

She wanted to hold on to her Indian roots, where she followed her mother to visit the country, but Kamala said that her father abused the culture of African Americans in Oakland, and she left her two daughters – Kamala and her younger sister Maya – pregnancy.

“My mother understood very well that she was supporting two black daughters”, as she wrote in her book called (The truth we hold).

“She knows that the host country will look at Maya and I as black girls, so she is determined to make sure that we wake up confident and proud to be black women.”

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