Kanyewestlover leaked video on twitter and reddit, whats happened to caca video

Kanye West changed the composition of his album “The Life Of Pablo” on the streaming service a few years ago after its release, followed by his other albums. changes, which sparked debate over the finality of recorded music releases. Taylor Swift and Kanye aren’t the best of friends, but now it looks like she’s taking a page from his script by editing “Me!” song long after its original release.

“Me!”, the lead single from Lover’s Brendan Urie, was released on April 26, but now fans have noticed that the song heard on Apple Music is a little different. For this post, the Apple Music version of the song replaces the lyrics “Hey kids! Spelling is fun!” with a drum fill at about the 1:55 mark of the song. Meanwhile, the version of the song on Spotify remains the same. Which version of the song ends up on the Lover album remains to be seen.

As of now, the reason for the removal of the lyrics has not been clarified or confirmed, but Swift has previously stated in an interview that “for this song, we really don’t want the song to be complete” and takes it very seriously. So the lyrics – that was a smart decision we made in the studio. We were really like, ‘Okay, let’s say, ‘Hey, kids! It’s fun to spell,” because we wanted everyone to know that the song wasn’t serious because it wasn’t like a serious love song.

This lyric change could be Kanye’s second reference on the album: The tracklist for “Lover” was recently announced, and the second track is titled “Cruel Summer,” which could be a reference to Kanye’s feature on GOOD Music. A tribute to his Brutal Summer compilation album was released in 2012.

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