Kathy Chow dead, Rumours circulate about Hong Kong actress passed away

On October 21st, 2023, Kathy Chow, the esteemed 56-year-old Hong Kong actress, was scheduled to grace the grand stage of the “2023 Greater Bay Area Music Spectacular” in mainland China. However, her conspicuous absence from the event gave rise to speculations and rumors surrounding the circumstances leading to her non-participation.

According to an alleged staff member who took to social media, Chow purportedly lost control of her emotions during rehearsals, which eventually led to her removal from the program. The incident reportedly occurred a day before the show when Chow, reacting strongly, expressed displeasure after a staff member unintentionally touched her arm while assisting her onstage. The following day, during the final rehearsal, Chow was notably missing. While other artists were fully attired and present, Chow failed to make an appearance. Reports circulated that she resisted leaving her seat and questioned staff members, causing a two-hour delay that disrupted the rehearsal schedule. This led to organizers promptly removing all promotional materials featuring Chow and notifying her that her presence was no longer required.

Initially invited to partake in the highly anticipated music spectacle, which garnered over 3 billion views, Chow found herself excluded after the reported incident. In response, Chow’s management issued an apology to the organizers, explaining the circumstances behind her absence from the final rehearsal. Despite their efforts, permission for her attendance at the event was not granted.

Rumors circulating suggest that Chow may be grappling with anxiety related to her public appearance, compounded by personal challenges, including an extended period of being single and recent difficulties in romantic relationships. These factors are purportedly contributing to her irritability, insomnia, lack of motivation, and aversion to social interactions. Consequently, even her long-time collaborators are finding it challenging to navigate her current emotional state.

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